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Philips EnduraLED (TM) Dimmable 60W Replacement PAR30L Indoor Flood LED Light Bulb Warm White Color (3000 Kelvin)

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Product Description

Philips EnduraLED (TM) Dimmable 60W Replacement PAR30L Indoor Flood LED Light Bulb Warm White Color (3000 Kelvin) (Energy Star (R) Qualified)

Philips EnduraLED (TM) 12W PAR30L LED light bulb has earn Energy Star (R) qualification and offers light quality comparable to that of traditional general 60W halogen light bulb. PAR30L emits directional flood light and are commonly used in flood/ recessed cans and track lighting fixtures. PAR30L have a longer neck for deeper recessed can light fixtures. 
Philips LED light bulbs are at least 80% more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Philips LED light bulbs produce quality light without flicker. Philips LED light bulbs have at least 45,000 hours average operating life, which is 45 times longer operating life than incandescent and 4.5 times longer than fluorescent.

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Bulb Shape:  PAR30L (with long neck, 4" height)
Light Output (lumens): 700 (Comparable to 60W halogen)
Power (watts):  12W
Color Accuracy (Color Rendering Index - CRI):  85
Light Color (Correlated Color Temperature - CCT):  3000 Kelvin (Warm White)
Beam Angle: 22 degrees
Dimmable:  Yes (when using leading edge dimmers)
Voltage:  110 to 120V AC
Base Type:  E26 standard screw-in base (fit standard light sockets)
Dimensions: 4" (H) x 3.75" (W)
Compliance: Energy Star (R), UL Listed, FCC Part 18 and RoHS (lead-free) compliant 



Cost Savings:

Electricity bill: $216.00 estimated savings over lifetime of this bulb compare to halogen (based on $0.10 per kWh over 45,000 hours).
Total estimated savings:


What makes this product Green?

1) Energy efficiency. More energy efficient means less electricity consumed with less CO2 emission and less nuclear waste. 

8 LED light bulbs consume same amount of electricity as 1 incandescent or 1 halogen light bulb.


1.8 LED light bulbs consume same amount of electricity as 1 fluorescent light bulb.


2) Non-toxic. LED light bulbs are non-toxic. Fluorescent lights contain mercury, a highly reactive toxic heavy metal.

3) Reduced waste. LED light bulb last at least 45 times longer than incandescent and at least 4.5 times longer than fluorescent. You would see less LED light bulb ending up in the landfill.  

For every 1 LED light bulb in land-fill about 4.5 fluorescent light bulbs in hazardous waste collection:

LEDlightbulb.JPGfluorescent.JPGfluorescent.JPGfluorescent.JPGfluorescent.JPG fluorescent23.JPG  

For every 1 LED light bulb in land-fill about 15 halogen light bulbs in waste:


For every 1 LED light bulb in land-fill about 45 incandescent light bulbs in land-fill:


Recyclable packaging.
Please remember to recycle packaging and containers.

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* Product images and specifications information for Philips LED light bulbs are provided by Philips Lighting Company. 
Green Supply is not responsible for product images and specifications information as provided for this Philips LED light bulb. 

Warranty Information

Please read product use instructions, warnings and cautions before use.
Warranty as provided by product manufacturer, Philips Lighting Company.
Philips warrants that this bulb will be free from defects in material and workmanship and will operate for a period of 6 years under normal usage based on up to 4 hours average use per day/7 days per week, when used in accordance with package and bulb directions. If this bulb does not conform to the warranty, Philips will send you a replacement bulb or refund upon receipt of the returned bulb, register receipt and proof of purchase. Please call Philips toll-free number, write to Philips, or send an email at the website as provided in Philips LED light bulb packaging to find out how to return the bulb. Philips is committed to making high quality products. Returning the bulb will help us monitor and further improve product quality. This limited warranty does not cover bulbs subject to accident, neglect, abuse, misuse, or acts of God, THIS REPLACEMENT OR REFUND IS THE SOLE REMEDY AVAILABLE, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, IN TORT OR OTHERWISE ARISING FROM THE FAILURE OF BULB AND IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. LIABILITY FOR INCIDNETAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES IS HEREBY EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED. Some states do not allow exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

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Product Reviews

  1. Philips EnduraLED Dimmable

    Posted by M.Cristina on 27th Jun 2012

    I bough few of these lamps. Cost was too much but excellent item. My spouse and I have disliked our CFL evening take a position light lamps since I put them in two decades ago. She said she couldn't see enough with them to study and quite seriously the far too white-colored shade was like operating in a underground room office like in Joe in comparison to the volcanic film.

    These are awsome, they are quite near in shade to the GE expose lamps (but maybe 200-300 levels kelvin to the hotter side)

    If Philips had create all LEd lamps like this, we could all ignore the CFL items of unhealthy and I wouldn't even thoughts providing up the old incandescent lamps.

  2. Very Satisfied

    Posted by Thomas K. on 8th Jun 2012

    I had desired to take the drop into LED illumination for years, and was awaiting the cost of the lamps to come down a bit, and for the bigger illumination organizations to generate some item that I could (hopefully) depend upon as being of semi-decent excellent. I've absolutely soured on lightweight neon lamps now. Their power benefits and durability as opposed to old incandescent lamps may be well-demonstrated, but I am not willing to danger my wellness and the protection of my residing with regards to having to deal with the lamps like a keep of tremendous and having to take hazmat techniques if they crack unintentionally (open a window; leave space for 15 minutes; use overlaying record to choose up all the itty-bitty shards of cup, not a machine cleaner) because of the mercury they contain.

    I am very satisfied with this EnduraLED 60w lighting from Philips, which is developed to substitute a 60-watt incandescent. Sure, the yellow-colored top creates it look like something from a "Star Trek" set, but this lighting provides efficiency that one should anticipate from the most advanced technological innovation. I purchased this Philips LED lighting to substitute a 23-watt CFL that I was using in a two-bulb illumination lighting fixture in my restroom (I also purchased an 8-watt Philips LED lighting to substitute a 13-watt CFL in the same fixture), with a moving soft change. Provided, the CFL wasn't developed to perform with a soft change, but it did perform if the soft change was slid to the maximum-lit position; however, it made this frustrating singing audio. I changed both CFL's with the 12.5 w and 8 w Philips lamps and they perform magnificently.

    Performance -- the lighting that this lighting generates is very heated, really indistinguishable from an incandescent lighting or a in the same way heated CFL. Specifications from the product packaging are as follows: shade heat range is 2690K; lighting is 805 lumens. Approximated annually power cost is $1.45, according to 3 time a day of use and 11-cent kWh power charging. The lighting lifetime is stated to be an impressive 25,000 time, or 22.8 years at a typical use of 3 time a day. My individual findings from use: the lighting is instant-on, dims absolutely when I fall the soft change, and creates no disturbance at all. The lighting is also mercury and lead-free, so no problems about wellness hazards if it smashes. I believe in the Philips product and the excellent of the item is obvious.I am satisfied with this item. Provided, not everyone wants (or needs) to buy a $54 lighting, but I really like using the most advanced technological innovation, and the costs on these lamps are sure to come down even further as need improves and development security up.