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GE Energy Smart 65W Replacement (12W) BR30 LED Bulb (Warm, Dim, Energy Star)

1.00 LBS
$6.95 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

GE Energy Smart 65W Replacement (12W) BR30 LED Bulb (Warm, Dim, Energy Star) - LED12DBR30/TP

GE offers a dimmable 12 Watt LED BR30 lamp that is perfect for your recessed-can and downlight applications in the restaurant, hospitality and property management sectors

Outstanding energy efficiency
Using only 12 watts of energy, save over $145 in energy costs over the rated life of the lamp vs. a standard 65 watt incandescent BR30 based on $.11/kWh

Long life
25,000 hour life

High Light Output
12 watt rated up to 750 lumens.
Instant full brightness similar to incandescent or halogen lamp

Environmentally conscious
Energy efficiency and long life means fewer lamp  replacements vs. standard incandescent and halogen  light sources. These lamps are energy efficient, contain no lead or mercury and are RoHS compliant.

Excellent GE Quality and Reliability
3 year limited warranty.

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Bulb Shape: BR30
Light Output (lumens): 750 (Comparable to 65W incandescent)
Power (watts):  12W
Color Accuracy (Color Rendering Index - CRI):  83
Light Color (Correlated Color Temperature - CCT):  2700 Kelvin (Warm White)
Beam Angle: 65 degrees
Dimmable:  Yes
Voltage:  110 to 120V AC
Base Type:  E26 standard screw-in base (fit standard light sockets)
Dimensions: 5.37" (H) x 3.75" (W)
Compliance: Energy Star (R), UL Listed, FCC Part 15 and RoHS (lead-free) compliant 



Cost Savings:

Electricity bill: $145.75 estimated savings over lifetime of this bulb compare to incandescent (based on $0.11 per kWh over 25,000 hours).
Total estimated savings:


What makes this product Green?

1) Energy efficiency. More energy efficient means less electricity consumed with less CO2 emission and less nuclear waste. 

8 LED light bulbs consume same amount of electricity as 1 incandescent light bulbs. 


1.8 LED light bulbs consume same amount of electricity as 1 fluorescent light bulbs.


2) Non-toxic. LED light bulbs are non-toxic. Fluorescent lights contain mercury, a highly reactive toxic heavy metal.

3) Reduced waste. LED light bulb last at least 25 times longer than incandescent and at least 2.5 times longer than fluorescent. You would see less LED light bulb ending up in the landfill.  

For every 1 LED light bulb in land-fill about 2.5 fluorescent light bulbs in hazardous waste collection:

LEDlightbulb.JPGfluorescent.JPGfluorescent.JPG fluorescent23.JPG  

For every 1 LED light bulb in land-fill about 25 incandescent light bulbs in land-fill:


Recyclable packaging.
Please remember to recycle packaging and containers.

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* Product images and specifications information for GE LED light bulbs are provided by GE Lighting. 
Green Supply is not responsible for product images and specifications information as provided for this GE LED light bulb. 

About Energy Star (R)
ENERGY STAR (R) is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. It advances the adoption of energy efficiency across the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of the U.S. economy. By using unbiased information, market-based partnerships, technical assistance, objective measurement tools, and consumer/business outreach, the program dismantles market barriers and catalyzes action. Visit www.energystar.gov for more information.

Other Details

Bulb Shape:
Base Type:
Light Output:
750 lumens (Close to 65W replacement)
Energy Used (Watts):
Light Color (Correlated Color Temperature - CCT):
2700 Kelvin (Warm White)
Color Accuracy (Color Rendering Index - CRI):
Viewing Angle/ Beam Angle:
65 degrees
110 to 120V AC
Average Rated Life (hours):
Energy Star Qualified:
UL, FCC Part 15, RoHS, CE
Dimensions: Width/ Diameter (in):
Dimensions: Height (in):
Weight (lbs):
Electricity Bill Cost Per Year ($):
GE Lighting
Ordering Code:
Limited Warranty:
3 Years by GE
Support URL:
Support Phone Number:
1-800-GELIGHT (1-800-435-4448)
Recommended Fixtures:
Flood Light, Recessed, Track Light

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Product Reviews

  1. Great little bulb

    Posted by Andrew Chloe on 19th Jul 2012

    It's lastly here, this is the led that I've been awaiting. I have been studying light emitting diodes for previous times 5 decades to be able to substitute all my lights in my company so that I can use less power & get rid of the CFL lighting that are now throughout biz. This is the first mild that I've examined that has the three components I really want for all upcoming LED's 1. Dispersal of mild, this is a significant problem with all light emitting diodes they often be better at a identify kind of mild when compared to a dispersion 2. Along with of mild is especially essential to clients, you can have a 750 lumen mild that is a white-colored mild next to this one and individuals will say that this one is lighter even though they really mean that the mild is more attractive to the eye. 3. Electricity utilization is very low & the durability will be much more time than CFLs, although CFL's declare that they are expected to last 2 to 5 decades this is just not the situation in my encounter, we get rid of lighting 16 time a day, this is a lengthy day but I anticipate them to last a season with their claims. They usually last about 9 several weeks or less.

  2. White Light!

    Posted by Joseph Scott on 25th Jun 2012

    I just purchased this lighting and it looks trendy, but performs extremely well. The lighting is higher than the conventional 60 w lamps I in comparison it to in my accessories, and large of the lighting is white-colored (natural looking). To me the lighting looks better than a conventional lighting and better than a cfl. This is the first of the LED lighting I have tried, and I was amazed and satisfied. The price is arriving down quick and they preserve a ton of power in the end.

  3. GE Energy Smart Dimmable 65W Replacement

    Posted by Chola Sushmitha on 16th Jun 2012

    I'm fulfilled. I have set up them in my company along with 4 other 65w. GE sleek shiny illumination effects, and to my vision (I have been operating as a illumination specialist for 5 years) it's almost as shiny as the 40 w. lights (tech requirements say about a 200 lumen difference). They takeone a few moments when they modify on, but given the long-term cost advantage and no warm-up period (ala CFs) I'm considering it's not a problem. And it's not like the old CF "instant on" which was flicker-flicker-on, just a half-second delay. For my cash, if this is a deal-breaker, you have further issues. On a fresh as well, which I do not pay attention to stylish that I do from my incandescents, so might actually use the sleek more often. Will come coming back to the assessment after a while and see about warmed issues other have described.

  4. get it

    Posted by Joshua Kampler on 9th Jun 2012

    I'm using the lighting in recessed can lighting effects that has a a indication fishing reel behind the soothing. The lighting are familiar, and they actually look awesome. I have other can lighting effects that were developed for use with flood-light lighting. These lighting, just like any frequent soothing lighting, won't perform there because you can see the upsetting suitable courage around the edges of the lighting. I'm satisfied enough with these lighting that I'm considering changing those elements. I really like these GE Energy Sensible lamps and i recommend these lighting.

  5. Amazing Lights

    Posted by Anthony Parker on 4th Jun 2012

    This is item is amazing. I was very doubtful about it, but I was wondering as well. I purchased one just to try out and moved out one of my 65 w lamps at house. I'm not an professional at illumination shade or any of that jazz music, but I genuinely can't tell the change between this factor and a 65 w incandecent illumination part by part. Same shade and illumination to my eye anyway. The only actual concerns I have is, "Will they last provided that they say?" and "When will the price come down out of the stratosphere?". Not to harp on it too much, but if you buy new technological innovation you anticipate the price will be greater. Just the way of factors. But then consider that you can buy a frequent illumination for a cash or less and this one is at least 40 periods that price. Other than those products though, they have this technological innovation nailed. So, main point here is, if you have the abdomen for shelling out outragous volumes of cash for a illumination, I say go for it. It is definatly the lengthy run of illumination in my view.

  6. a great deal at this price

    Posted by Raelene Amrine on 20th May 2012

    When i was looking for power saving light one of my friends recommended these Ge Energy smart light and i bought few bulbs for testing.They work as expected and have a decent light intensity and distance. Wow.! Good deal for that cost I compensated.