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Difference between PAR20 and R20 LED Light Bulbs

R20 and PAR20 bulbs provide wide range of beam widths from narrow spot to wide flood. R20 LED and PAR20 LED light bulbs are well suited for spot lights, flood lights and indoor lighting. R20 LED and PAR20 LED are the Green replacement of R20 and PAR20 halogen floodlight and incandescent light bulb.

What is the difference between R20 and PAR20 bulbs? 
R20 bulbs have reflectors that direct light forward and produce more wider soft-edged beam that is less precise than PAR20 bulbs. R20 bulbs also produce less shadow than PAR20 bulbs. PAR20 bulbs control light more precisely and produce more concentrated light than R20.


R20 LED Light Bulbs



PAR20 LED Light Bulbs

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